Upcoming Crypto Exchange BitinterPay Enters the Global Market with Exciting Features for Users

BitinterPay, a safe and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, is all set to take the global crypto market by storm. This advanced ecosystem has been designed to encourage and create opportunities for everyday use of cryptocurrencies by integrating with the mainstream financial sector, using features such as mobile banking, prepaid cards, payment processing, etc.

Tallinn, Estonia – December 28, 2018

BitinterPay is pleased to announce that their just-developed cryptocurrency exchange is now up and running. This user-friendly, reliable and licensed exchange not only allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency for fiat money, but also provides additional services for the storage of different cryptocurrencies in a multi-currency purse without needing to pass through any additional verification.

BitinterPay is the brainchild of a team of crypto experts dedicated to ensuring seamless integration of the emerging crypto economy with the mainstream financial market and creating opportunities for ordinary people to use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. With this goal in mind, the team has successfully created an ecosystem where individuals can freely use and convert digital assets and cryptocurrency, as well as storing and withdrawing their crypto assets safely.  

“Our mission is to create the financial ecosystem of a new generation by taking the best from modern banking and blockchain technologies,” said a senior spokesperson from BitinterPay. “Our platform is fast, convenient, secure and as affordable as using a smartphone and the internet.”

The services available currently at BitinterPay are

  • A secure crypto wallet supporting multiple currencies including Bitcoin, BitcoinCash ABC, and Litecoins. Ethereum and Ripple will be added in the next update. 
  • Quick purchase of cryptocurrency by credit card, no registration required—just a simple and automated verification.
  • Quick sale of cryptocurrency without depositing funds to a trading account, and with direct withdrawal to credit cards and other payment systems such as Payeer or AdvCash.
  • Instant exchange or crypto-swaps between a large numbers of cryptocurrency pairs.

The company is in the process of developing a key feature that will make the exchange capable of supporting fiat-to-crypto pairs and a wide range of trading tools. They are also working on a new feature for wallets that will allow users to buy stable coins for a flat rate, store them and make transfers.

With hundreds of exchanges coming up around the world, BitinterPay stands apart by delivering a range of key advantages:

  • A completely legal and licensed platform. BitinterPay is guided by the laws of Estonia, the European Union, and other authorities that regulate cryptocurrency relations.
  • Ease of use. BitinterPay offers all site functionalities and tools on a simple, user-friendly and supported platform. All user requests are processed quickly and efficiently.
  • Practical. BitinterPay allows the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency for USD and EUR, from more than 50 countries.
  • Quick. It takes around 10 minutes to pass verification and make a purchase
  • Convenient. It supports existing payment systems (Payeer, Credit Card, AdvCash).
  • Mobile. It’s available as an advanced mobile app for Android as well as iOS.
  • Secure. End-to-end security measures are in place to ensure that users’ funds and private information are completely protected.

To find out more about this new crypto exchange, please visit https://BitinterPay.com/

About BitinterPay: BitinterPay is a reliable, easy-to-use, licensed crypto exchange. BitinterPay is registered and operates in accordance with the laws of Estonia. This exchange gives users the opportunity to purchase and sell cryptocurrency for fiat money, as well as providing services for storing cryptocurrency in a multi-currency purse without passing verification.

Website: https://BitinterPay.com/

Contact: info@BitinterPay.com

Microsoft Is Pushing New Blockchain

Microsoft Is Pushing New Blockchain ID Products (But There’s Pushback, Too)

Microsoft is moving to turn blockchain-based decentralized identity from a lofty aspiration into a business line.
Microsoft says it will build is a “wallet-like app” that people could use, among other purposes, to manage these permissions to their data, including the ability to revoke them when desired.

“Every person has a right to an identity that they own and control,” the paper declares, adding:

“We aspire to make DIDs a first-class citizen of the Microsoft identity stack.”

Block chain inspired:

Stepping back, as a decades-old, multinational corporation, Microsoft might seem to some an unlikely champion for this decentralist vision. Microsoft joined the DIF because the company wants to make sure that the systems being built today don’t end up becoming “new islands like the social media islands of today, where you can’t connect an identity from LinkedIn to Twitter, to Facebook, to WeChat, to Weibo,” Rhodes said.

Community work:

Microsoft joined the DIF because the company wants to make sure that the systems being built today don’t end up becoming “new islands like the social media islands of today, where you can’t connect an identity from LinkedIn to Twitter, to Facebook, to WeChat, to Weibo,” Rhodes said.

Ankur Patel, principal program manager at Microsoft, responded like,

“We are committed to establishing Open Standards and contributing to Open Source to make Decentralized Identity successful. As we make further progress, we will make appropriate contributions. With such a vibrant space, there are many such opportunities [to work on common standards]. We continue to evaluate and will participate in the ones that are most meaningful. We are committed to working with DIF, W3C, as well other industry or standards group that we believe can help realize a successful Decentralized Identity platform.”

Crypto Payment Gateway

Crypto Payment Gateway Coingate Plans to expand

CoinGate, a crypto currency payment gateway is planning to add 4,000 of its merchants to Lightning Network. This boost to Lightning Network will make the Bitcoin adoption easier.

The Lightning Network was proposed by Thaddeus Dryja and Joseph Poon.  Here a layer is created on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that allows transaction to be passed back and forth before getting added to the latent blockchain.

While sending a Lightning payment, same bitcoin address is given to both the parties to deposit funds through a medium called channel, in which they can exchange funds continuously without a limit.

This helps in maintaining bitcoin’s security and also neglects small, regular payments getting added to underlying blockchain till the closure of channel with increase in transaction speed and decrease in cost.   Later it was revealed that Bitcoin’s Lightning Network capacity has reached 100 bitcoin (around $730,000 at time of publication), as per monitoring resource 1ML.  Earlier, CoinGate began a trail of Lightning Network with 100 different stores around the world.

The CoinGate merchants who are accepting payments via the Lightning Network include Swiss watch manufacturers ChronoSwiss and Louis Chevrolet, gaming store Mmoga.com, hosting service Bitlaunch, and adult websites Livejasmin and Manyvids.CoinGate is currently not working with any U.S. company but hopes to collaborate soon.

In an email, CoinGate proudly said: “We have processed more than 100 payments successfully, without an error.  We previously announced reimbursement will be made in case of any loss to the customer resulted from any network error, which never happens.”

Also, a trail customer of Coingate took on twitter to praise the system for its lighting speed and accuracy which indirectly elevates bitcoin trade in the market.