TRON CEO for the rescue!

Sun made his offer with the precondition that the developers “migrate” their decentralized applications (dApps) to the Tron Foundation network. In the heat of the blistering crypto market crash, one aggrieved commentator immediately quipped, “So… we jump from sinking ship to another sinking ship?  Sh**, I’m in. When jump, sir?” EOS New York, purportedly the twitter account for one of the EOS network block producers, responded directly: “We think we will be just fine given the billion dollars in VC funding for #EOS and #EOSIOprojects that is locked and loaded around the world at Galaxy, SVK Crypto, Tomorrow, etc. Appreciate the offer, though. Best of luck, Justin.”

Impasse between possible and impossible- CEO of Binance releases more information on BCH hardfork

Cryptocurrency has an unambiguous meaning, and that is HYPEBinance is slowly boarding this hype train with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork is going to take place in about 24 hours. The cryptocurrency is making all the headlines. Every cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform is releasing a statement supporting their users. The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance is releasing information about its take on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Binance recently launched its research and analysis division, Binance Research. Furthermore, as the crypto exchange did previously it has already assured its users that they will support them technically.