Google reverses

Google reverses Ban on Crypto Ads

Google has reversed its decision to ban advertisements related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The online giant blocked such adverts back in March as part of a security crackdown, but has now apparently changed its mind and will allow cryptocurrency ads on its services from next month.  The news was major breakthrough in Google’s October 2018 financial products and services policy, which says that the terms will be “updated” in order to allow regulated cryptocurrency changes to advertise in the United States and Japan – although they can be based anywhere in the world.

Google is now wraps it own earlier plan to ban crypto ads.  Facebook moved away from its prohibition this June, when it said it would no longer can prohibit all cryptocurrency ads, but would rather allow those from “pre-approved advertisers” instead. It excluded ads that promoted binary options and initial coin offerings (ICOs), nevertheless.

Google’s policy still prohibits initial coin offerings( ICOs), wallets and trading advice, citing Google’s updated policy page which points to a list of banned products but the October 2018 plan update says that organized cryptocurrency exchanges will be allowed to advertise in the U.S. and Japan.