Breaking the monopoly

Chinese cryptocurrency start-up Bottos wants to end the monopoly tech giants like Amazon and Facebook have on data. Its founder and chief executive Xin Song told that his company makes an artificial intelligence (AI)-focused blockchain platform, which provides digital marketplaces of data and models to help train AI programs and connect them with users, as well as networks for computing power and data storage. The firm’s boss explained that AI models can issue crypto tokens using the Bottos platform in exchange for data from entities using its data marketplace. Blockchain platforms are secured through cryptography and assigning a unique alphanumeric code to each user.

Bibox’s strategy

Bibox, an exchange enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI,) is hosting a summit on Nov 29, and hopes the event will give investors an insight into the strategic changes that lie ahead in 2019. The company says that token bonds are likely to take center stage at the day-long conference, amid questions over whether they could become a new, widespread investment opportunity. It is reported that ICO crowdsales have lost momentum in recent months – prompting entrepreneurs to find new ways to connect with investors. Following a year of dizzying highs and lows, Bibox also says demand for fixed-income assets is on the rise, leading to rising interest around token bonds.