XRP purchase from Wall Street Institutional Investors grew 400%

Asheesh Birla, the Senior Vice President of Product at Ripple, gave insights on the different organizations that fall under the RippleNet, namely- xVia, xCurrent, and xRapid.
xVia allows users to use a standard connection and access and use services offered by RippleNet.
xCurrent eliminates the usage of an FTP server and the three-day wait to process the files in traditional payment systems.
xRapid is used for commercial uses and is under development phase. It is facilitated by XRP and allows the transfer of money from one country to another with ease and cheaper.
Ripple had an amazing quarter report which shows huge buying in Wall Street directly from the Organization. Quarter over quarter there is an increase of 400% in ripple purchase where there may be an adoption of ripple in Q3.