Ripple’s Partner InstaReM Joined Visa’s Fast-Track Program For Its FinTech Payments System

The fast-track program is an initiative made by Visa that aims to help other companies to deploy their commerce solutions quickly using Visa’s services as a basis. The idea from the partnership, as affirmed in the press release, is to create new solutions that could help to move money around countries quickly while the users can enjoy a seamless experience during the transfers.The Singapore-based fintech joined Ripple last year. The partnership happened during the half of the year, which means that the crypto market was starting to get burned from the bear market at the time.According to its CEO, Prajit Nanu, which has talked about the relationship last May, as soon as ties between the two companies were done, Ripple has provided the company with a very valuable service that they can offer to their clients in order to make cross-border transactions without any kind of issue.Visa’s Head of Digital Partnerships at the Asia Pacific Region, Hamish Moline, is also happy to be in this partnership. According to the head officer, InstaReM will be highly benefited from being a part of the program and it will help Visa as well in order to expand the reach of the company.Fortunately for Ripple, the partnership between the two companies is still strong and there are already plans to use Ripple’s payments services before the half of 2019.

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