Ripple – A Vandalism for blunders caused in the crypto world

Cryptocurrency is the contour of the face of the digital realm. The “soon to become” cryptocurrency baron Ripple moves into China with AmEx and LianLian groups. This move was predicted long back and the venture was constitutional. It is the first venture to not process payments through the state-controlled Union Pay Network. The partnership with big cryptocurrency like Ripple is dime a dozen, but both the LianLian and AmEx group have condemned the partnership details and said that they are rather partners with RippleNet.  AmEx joined RippleNet to aid small and medium enterprises. This marks the entry of Ripple into one of the highest priority markets procured for smooth cross-border payments.

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  • Alice
    Posted November 11, 2018 12:44 pm 0Likes

    China has a strict policy against cryptocurrencies, thus ruling out the adoption of XRP-powered xRapid in the country anytime soon.

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