U.S introduces Three Pro-Cryptocurrency Bills to Congress

U.S. member of Congress introduces three new bills aimed at supporting the development of blockchain technologies, as well as the use of cryptocurrency, within the United States.

U.S Must Support Blockchain Development

Tom Emmer, the initiator of this bold move, the U.S. needs to pass affirmative legislation to the growing blockchain industry if it hopes to remain a leader in this space.

Emmer also asserted that legislators should be working towards grabbing the emerging technologies as, well as providing a regulatory system which allows them to further advance.

Emmer has hit the land running, Previously working on three bills that will not only help blockchain technology, and also that of cryptocurrencies as well.

Three upcoming bills are entitled as:
  • Resolution Supporting Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act
  • Safe Harbor for Taxpayers with Forked Assets Act.

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