Ethereum Foundation Weighs $15 Million Bid to Build ‘Randomness’ Tech

At the cutting edge of blockchain research is a potential $15 million dollar venture by the Ethereum Foundation centered around a technology called Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs).Acting as a source of computer-generated randomness that is unpredictable and unbias-able, VDFs are envisioned for use in a highly-anticipated “proof-of-stake”(PoS) system called Serenity which the ethereum network will migrate to in the next few years.For now, Drake told CoinDesk that a number of essential tests will be carried out by ethereum developers before a final “go, no-go decision” is made on the incorporation of the technology into Serenity. The representative also affirmed that, at present, Filecoin is moving ahead “separately” from the Ethereum Foundation but may “potentially co-fund third party proposals for exploratory VDF research with the Ethereum Foundation” in the months ahead.But moving forward, Drake estimated that the foundation could come to a decision about whether or not to use the technology in as little as four months time.

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