Analyst Claims Ethereum (ETH) Could Soon Surge 90% to $200, But it May First Drop to $90

The cryptocurrency markets are currently experiencing a relatively involatile day, with most major cryptos trading up or down marginally. Because Bitcoin has held support at $3,400, most cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum (ETH), are resting at, or slightly above, their support levels, which is leading many traders to express increased caution in entering any longs positions.Yesterday, Hsaka, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, explained that he believes ETH needed to break above its previous consolidation support around $105 in order for it to move higher, and he further noted today that this price has been confirmed as a level of resistance, as ETH has been rejected each time it touched this level throughout the day.Bitcoin SV, which surged yesterday, has been able to maintain most of its recent gains, and is currently trading sideways at its current price of just under $63. Over the past couple of days, Bitcoin SV surged from lows of $57 to highs of $67.6, before settling back down to its current price levels. Although Ethereum may have significant potential for large gains in the near future, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to surge unless Bitcoin begins to climb from its current prices, as BTC instability will likely dissuade investors from entering long positions in any cryptocurrencies.

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