Auctionity Changes the Face of the Global Auction Industry

To date, the Auctionity project is the only platform of its kind to offer the possibility to bid at English (ascending) auctions that are not only fully decentralized but also reliable thanks to smart contracts.

Auctionity also makes online auctions more engaging for bidders via a viral reward mechanism which encourages community members to participate in the sales promotion of the auction.

With this taking the form of simply sharing the link to social networks, the true nature of the system comes in the form of an interactive and real-time live streamed video link of the ‘saleroom’ – watch the bids increase with our interactive auctioneers!

The Auctionity platform currently specializes in auctions for collectible digital assets known as NFT’s or Non-Fungible Tokens. However, this is but a first step and a springboard towards a much wider set of applications of decentralized English auctions.

Auctionity’s goal is to break the codes of traditional auctions by opening the way to a new generation of sales where buyers bid seamlessly in FIAT or cryptocurrency and directly via their smartphones, laptops or devices.

To keep up with the latest technical advances, the Auctionity team conducted a full rework of the platform – the new interface places live-streamed auctioneers at the forefront. The project is also gaining traction thanks to our premier partnerships including the Non-Fungible Alliance (created by Oxcert)) which aims to create a fertile ground for the NFT adoption.

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