Russian Parliament Considers Imposing Fines on Crypto Mining by End of June

Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, is considering imposing administrative responsibility for the mining of cryptocurrencies, local news outlet TASS reported on June 7.In an interview with TASS, Anatoly Aksakov, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, said that the government may introduce administrative responsibility for digital currency mining by the end of June. Russia’s major crypto bill, “On Digital Financial Assets,” had been approved by the Russian parliament in May 2018, but was subsequently sent back to the first reading stage after reports of its lack of major key concepts such as crypto mining, cryptocurrencies, and tokens.Earlier in June, Lyudmila Novoselova, chairman at the Court for Intellectual Rights of Russian Federation and a judge at the Supreme Arbitration Court, had also argued that the term digital assets should be included in the Russian Civil Law.

2020 Presidential Hopeful Yang Says Blockchain, Crypto Must Be Big Part of US Future

American entrepreneur and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang has said that blockchain should be a big part of the United States’ future, Bloomberg reported on May 15.A challenger candidate who has recently revealed he crossed the Democratic National Committee’s threshold of 65,000 donors to participate in the first candidate debates, Yang is also the founder of Venture For America (VFA) — a non-profit accelerator for start-ups for emerging cities.In April, he published a national framework for digital assets regulation as part of his presidential campaign, and has advocated for more clarity in regard to the overlapping jurisdictions of federal regulatory agencies.

Yang’s campaign has also accepted bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and other cryptocurrency donations as of July 2018.

EXOSIS -The Road Ahead

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The Exosis ICO is a new addition to the 2018 ICO list. Exosis is a revolutionary Cryptocurrency and it is a one-stop shop for all your needs. This platform is of great utility and offers an OTC platform, and E-commerce based site, a personalized wallet that has multiple platforms on its own, virtual master node and a decentralized exchange service. The Developer understands the potential of cryptocurrency as a long-term investment, stands a step ahead by offering efficiency and utility to the user through Exosis.
The coin which drives the platform is Exosis coin (EXO). The Exosis ICO uses its own mainnet controls the security and scalability with all five platforms induced into one. Whether it’s a trader, a miner, people who want to shop or develop apps, there is a huge need for Exosis coin. There will be an overall demand for the coin which creates value for long-term Investment.
Exosis works on a Exosis algo which is a fork time of travel 10 algorithm. It is a ASIC resistant POW hashtag algorithm which is mineable with both CPU and GPU. Exosis has created a platform to create virtual Masternodes which allows mining activity without hardware.

Roadmap of ICO

  1. This One of a kind RoadMap looks promising and exciting. The Developers have made sure that the Coin is on constant demand by driving them to 5 Decentralized platforms.
    • The Decentralized Exchange will be launched by the February 2019 where the users can trade safely.
    • The E-Commerce site will be launched by May 2019 which is completely Decentralized. Dealers, Buyers, and sellers can do transactions with Exosis coin.
    • On August 2019, OTC Platform will support the local users to trade on several Fiat and Cryptocurrencies.
    • The Multiplatform E- Wallet is planned to launch by November 2019 where users can Withdraw or Invest based on their needs. It will be available on all platforms both on mobile and PCs.
    In terms of specifics, Exosis expects to start with 21 million EXO, with two million coins pre-mined for the initial coin offering. There will be a 10% referral and bounty bonuses while remaining coins will be allocated to the following functions:
    • Reservation for market backup (50%)
    • Promotion and advertising (30%)
    • Development (20%)
    . The Coin is Available at 5$ a coin. Exosis on its own shines brightly as a crypto, breaking the myth that Ethereum is an Integration of blockchain. Exosis is of inheriting value, Functional, Safe and of great Utility. The coin is on Development Phase but its journey to provide Utility to customer looks Exciting. The Exosis ICO has started on 21st October 2018 and is on sale till 19th November 2018.

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