Crypto-Enabled Payment Firm Square Recruits Former Google Product Director Steve Lee

Square Crypto was announced in March of this year when the organization joined Twitter, and planned to hire crypto engineers and designers to work on the bitcoin and crypto ecosystem, paying them in cryptocurrency. Just hours before announcing Lee’s recruitment, the official Twitter Square Crypto account asked— in what appeared to be a joke — the community to welcome the company’s “summer intern and inaugural hire, Gary Fuches.” As the next — and last — tweet sent by the account notes, Lee is a former product director at Google, an angel investor and a volunteer project manager for bitcoin development. His LinkedIn profile further notes that he has also been a software engineer at technology giant IBM and a product manager intern at Yahoo. Lee, as some members of the community did in response to Gary’s alleged tweet. In February, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey — also the founder and CEO of Square — said that rolling out the Lightning Network on Square’s Cash App is a question of “when, not if.”

The Land of the Free: Why Decentralization Matters in the Crypto Republic

On May 30, Tezos implemented the amendment Athens A, as the result of a voting process that involved its baker nodes (the Tezos equivalent of “miners”) from Feb. 28 to May 30.On the very same day, another fast-growing young company backed by a cryptocurrency, Iota, announced an important step toward total decentralization, substituting its Coordinator mechanism with the new Coordicide tool.Coordicide will perform the same functions of its predecessor, ensuring transaction security and preventing double spending. However, the new protocol will allow the peculiar Iota block creation process to work in a fully decentralized and permissionless manner.It is impossible to know which answer to the issue of blockchain governance will become dominant in the future; however, it is plausible that the fundamentals of human behavior will be part of it, alongside mathematics.

LocalBitcoins Imposes Restrictions on Iranian Accounts

A source had previously told  in an email that the impetus for restricting Iranian transactions is to comply with financial regulations in Finland, where the headquarters of is located. Moreover, exchanges are purportedly cutting off Iranian users due to sanctions previously imposed on other exchanges by the United States.Major crypto exchanges  Coinbase  and  Binance do not currently support users living in Iran.One of the purported advantages of LocalBitcoins for Iranian users was that it did not require a credit card or online payment, meaning that Iranian users without international bank accounts could still buy and trade crypto, says the source.Earlier in May, United States Congressman Brad Sherman — a noted critic of cryptocurrencies in general — said that they are a threat to American foreign policy.

Crypto Merchant Bank Galaxy Digital Sells Shares in EOS Creator Block.One for $71 Mln

 The bank reportedly accepted EOS’ tender offer back in April, closing the transaction on May 20 to realize a 123% return on its initial investment. Following the deal, Galaxy Digital’s investment in Block.One no longer represents a material investment position, the press release notes.  Novogratz underscored that the deal does not indicate an end to the bank’s close relationship with Block.One. Galaxy Digital revealed it had posted a net loss of $272.7 million in 2018, ostensibly as the slump in cryptocurrency prices took its toll. As of November, the company had reported a loss of $136 million in the first three quarters of that year, pointing to an effectively doubling of its losses in the space of the last three months of 2018.Last year, Block.One had notably secured investments from billionaire PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and crypto mining hardware billionaire Jihan Wu of Bitmain.

Report: Top Banks Alleged to Be Investing $50 Million in Digital Cash Settlement Project

An earlier project for a blockchain-based currency settlement coin was unveiled by Swiss bank UBS Group AG and London-based technology startup Clearmatics at early as 2015, as Cointelegraph reported at the time.One of Reuters’ sources has said that the latest development involves around a dozen major banks investing in a new entity dubbed Finality, which could launch as early as 2020 — although the deal has purportedly not yet been finalized, so details could still change.

While the banks involved in the latest $50 million investment round have not been disclosed, Reuters notes that institutions involved previously in the UBS project included UBS, Banco Santander, Bank of New York Mellon Corp, State Street Corp, Credit Suisse Group AG, Barclays PLC, HSBC Holdings Plc and Deutsche Bank AG.

Marco Polo Onboards Three New Members to Its Trade Finance Network

Marco Polo Network is a joint undertaking with tech firm TradeIX, enterprise software company R3, and other 20 international financial institutions. The initiative provides a multi-asset class platform that offers broker dealer services, multi currency transactions, including equities, options, futures, and other related services. In an official announcement, the company revealed that it was joined by financial services provider for the Bavarian and German economies, BayernLB, one of the leading banks in the German city of Frankfurt, Helaba, and the largest back office service provider within the Savings Banks Finance Group, S-Servicepartner. In March, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, chose to use blockchain consortium R3’s Corda Enterprise platform for its blockchain-based digital exchange. In February, the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance joined blockchain consortium R3 to develop applications and solutions on their Corda platform.

Ripple is planning to upgrade the technology of the cryptocurrency

Ripple is planning to upgrade the technology of the cryptocurrency: Ripple is the 3rd most valued cryptocurrency currently. It is planning on upgrading the technology behind the cryptocurrency. This is surely positive news for the ripple investors. Ripple launched a couple of new white papers recently. The 1st white paper highlighted the algorithm which is currently powering the platform. The 2nd White Paper highlighted the ways in which the connectivity between different nodes can be improved.

After a down period recently, Ripple’s value is starting to go up again. This may be your last chance to buy on the cheap! Experts agree upon the notion that, given the network’s popularity, well-built platform, worldwide investing interests and penetration in the media and mainstream society, Ripple is bound to grow in the short, medium, and long-term.

Coinbase claims to do Largest Crypto Transfers on record $5 Billion people

Coinbase, one of the Largest Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet claims that they have done Largest crypto Transflog up to date on Records around $5 Billion. According to blog post on 19-dec on there official website, 5% of all Bitcoin(BTC), 25% of all Litecoin(LTC), and 8% of all Ethereum(ETH) and also many other assets were moved to new cold storage infrastructure, in which the firm believes to be Largest crypto Migration on records.
the firm reports, that around $5 billion worth of cryptocurrency were Migrated from third generation cold storage infrastructure to fourth Generation cold storage infrastructure.
Coinbase believes that this new storage system of fourth generation cold storage infrastruture is highly secured & highly Controlled, so as to entrust and ensure safety of customers fund.

Facebook to develop cryptocurrency for Transfers in Whatsapp 

According to Bloomberg Reports on 20-Dec, Facebook is creating its own cryptocurrency for money Transfer for the Messaging Service ‘Whatsapp’. The Purpose of the Token will be for internal Money Transfers within the app, & it will Focus on Remittances Market in India. According to Bloomberg Facebook is trying to build Stablecoin, and according to further sources the coin will be not Released anytime soon, as Facebook is still working on the Project and strategy for custody assets.
the reason for focusing Indian Remittances Markets is because India Received $69 billion in Foreign Remittance in 2017 & 2.8% of the country’s GDP. Whatsapp has around 200 million user base in India and it has almost doubled from last year. so basically WhatsApp has huge fan following & Popularity in India & Facebook wants to grab this Opportunity

Blockchain Gaming versions to be LAUNCHED by ‘Atari’

Major giant game company Named ‘Atari’ famous for its video games like Packman and Tetris announced that they will produce and publish blockchain version of two popular games “RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch” and “Goon Squad”  globally, excluding China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.
As previously reported, this February Atari saw its share price skyrocket by over 60 percent after announcing that it would be investing in cryptocurrency. This year, the firm also created its own digital currency, the Atari Token, and partnered with an online crypto casino.
With this new Blockchain Technology, a new era of Blockchain gaming has been started.