Bitcoin YouTube

Bittube, the “Bitcoin YouTube”

Bittube as the name hints has been largely considered by the crypto community as “Bitcoin YouTube“.  The German based Video platform though not backed by any big venture capitalists or big giants has managed to establish it’s own base on crypto and YouTube community.  The company was founded only on Dec2017 by MSc Saber Maram who serves as its CEO at present.  The biggest achievement for the platform is that within a year of its inception the platform attracts over 2million active users with more than 10 million+ page views.

The present success of bittube is primarily attributed to the adfree experience of the users and the monetary model of the platform.  The platform empowers both video creators and live streamers as both the parties get paid based on the watch time.  The airtime revenue share is distributed as 70:20:10 for creators,viewers, developers respectively.

Bittube coin(TUBE), the native currency of the company.  The coin is used for  payments for users and content creators.  Bittube coin is purely based on Proof of work algorithm and the interesting part is that no coin were premined as many creators does.  The maximum number of bittube coin minable is 1 Billion.  The TUBE is been actively traded in several exchanges including the most trusted Bittrex.

As per the aggregate data of major crypto exchanges available at, TUBE coin is trading at USD 0.08$ when the article was been written making it attractive and affordable at current levels.


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