Crypto regulation in malaysia.

Malaysia will enact regulations for cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in Q1 2019. The finance minister Lim Guan Eng, who said Wednesday said the country’s regulator, the Securities Commission (SC), had updated him with a timeframe for the new rules. Malaysia has taken a piecemeal path to regulation of its domestic cryptocurrency industry, origibeginning the process in late 2017. meantime, Lim telling parliament thattities wishing to issue cryptocurrencies must consult the country’s central Bank Negara Malaysia. Lim telling parliament that entities wishing to issue cryptocurrencies must consult the country’s canara Bank Negara Malaysia. Malaysia has sought to foster its relationship with blockchain this year, November also seeing Education Ministry set up a university degree verification system using the technology


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    Regulation is everywhere!!

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    regulate cryptocurrencies are most important!!!

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