Mt. Gox to Live Again, Bitcoin Is ‘Honestly Useless,’ and Jack Dorsey Likes Lightning Network: This Week in Crypto

Pierce is arguably the only shareholder in the failed exchange. The news of Mt. Gox’s failurewas many people’s first introduction to Bitcoin, and Pierce wants to write a happy ending to that dark chapter of the Bitcoin movement.The crypto markets finally had a wildly volatile week, the first one in quite awhile, although the massive gains didn’t begin until the end of the business of week. Late Thursday and all day Friday, Bitcoin shoved off its downward slide, crushing shorts and slaying bears along the way.A video finally bubbled to the surface this week of Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin thrashing“centralized piles of trash” that over-promise transactions per second. Buterin questioned the soundness of alternative models to Ethereum and poked fun at the relatively small amount of decentralization in some.Cryptographer and skein algorithm creator Bruce Schneier went on a rampage against cryptocurrency. Around the same time, we learned from some magazine that while CCN is the most-read crypto news outlet, Bitcoin doesn’t even rate on the list of top blockchain platforms. Erstwhile, a federal regulator assures us all that a Bitcoin ETF is inevitable.

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