Crypto Programmer: Goal of Bitcoin is to Bypass Existing Financial System, Not to Support it

Bitcoin is inherently a cypherpunk, anti-establishment movement. From day one, this whole movement around Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of digital money has been single-handedly pushed by the zany, outcasts, and decentralists that push their beliefs with a religious fervor. The fact that Satoshi didn’t divulge his, her, or their true identity, along with an analysis of the vernacular that the creator enlisted, only highlights the fact that Bitcoin isn’t meant to conform with legacy systems. Mastercard was hit with a hefty €570.6 million fine by the European Commission, a regulatory facet of the E.U. It was revealed that the Wall Street darling  “artificially” raised credit and debit card fees in the Union’s nations, using anti-competitive tactics to bolster the company bottom line. In classic crypto fashion, the decentralist community wasn’t happy with this news.Over recent decades, even banks, namely Wall Street giants with millions of customers, have partaken in illicit and questionable dealings. In late-November, Deutsche Bank AG was raided, as local authorities determined that the world-renowned institution was likely enlisting money laundering strategies. During the raid, 170 German authorities stormed Deutsche’s buildings, as a search for pertinent digital and physical data was mandated.

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