Bitcoin Price to Finish 2019 at $9,000, 85% Higher Than Current Prices: Financial Forecasters

Executives at investment firms, individual investors, and fintech experts are generally positive on the long-term trend of Bitcoin because of various short-term catalysts that may fuel the market Ritchie provided the highest prediction on the year-end price of BTC at $9,000 while other fintech experts forecasted BTC to end the year at around $7,500.Already, exchanges in major markets such as Japan and South Korea are struggling in dealing with a substantial decline in the daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency market.Some exchanges have reported that the volume on their trading platforms has fallen by over 90 percent. If the market moves slowly in an extended period of time, it could spell trouble for exchanges that rely on transaction fees as their main source of revenue.As large financial institutions and companies in the cryptocurrency sector present more regulated and well-maintained investment vehicles, the probability of institutions entering the space is expected to increase.

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