Binance CEO: ‘We’re Still at the Beginning of the Beginning’ of Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin billionaire Changpeng Zhao has an encouraging message for crypto fans who fear they missed the boat on the cryptocurrency bandwagon: The bitcoin revolution is still “at the beginning of the beginning,” so you haven’t missed anything yet.Despite the protracted market slump, diehard believers like Changpeng Zhao are undeterred in their vision of a dazzling crypto revolution that will disrupt whole industries, including the legacy financial system.That’s the same exuberant outlook that tech billionaire Tim Draper has about the crypto industry. Draper boldly predicts that crypto will eventually overtake fiat money to make up two-thirds of the world’s total currency value.Draper is an unapologetic crypto evangelist who stands by his bullish $250,000 bitcoin price target for 2022. Short-term market setbacks do not unnerve him the way they do people with short-term, day-trader mindsets.Draper says crypto is a disruptive, game-changing revolution. And, as French novelist Victor Hugo observed, nothing can stop an idea whose has time.

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