7 Cryptocurrencies that Surprisingly Outperformed Bitcoin in January

HOT, the native token of Holochain project, surprised the cryptocurrency community with a 178% price surge. Augur’s REP followed by posting a 51.50% monthly gain. Chainlink’s LINK came third after rising 39%, while Numeraire’s NMR became the fourth most profitable crypto asset after ballooning 35%. Tron’s TRX, Loopring’s LRC, and OAX’s token of the same name swelled between the range of 31-33% in the same time.In contrast, Bitcoin had lost close to 10% of its value by January’s close. However, the digital currency still fared better than a majority of top ten cryptocurrencies. Ethereum’s Ether, for instance, fell 27.59% in a month. Bitcoin Cash, an anti-Bitcoin crypto project, also failed to compensate its post-fork losses; it dropped up to 30% in January.Loopring, a protocol for decentralized crypto exchange, posted a 33.34% surge in the value of its native LRC token. However, like OAX, the LRC/USD bullish sentiment exhausted near a post-pump peak point. The pair established a monthly high at 0.1104 before dropping to as low as 0.0532 in a bearish correction.Nevertheless, Loopring is maintaining a stable support area at 0.0376-0.0323. The levels have seen increasing bullish sentiment, which is why traders are likely to play their short trades towards them before kickstarting the next bull wave.

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