TRON Arcade Wants to Break Open the Gaming Industry for Blockchain

Blockchain platform TRON announced today its plans to establish a $100 million fund known as “TRON Arcade.” The fund is the fast-rising network’s newest effort to drive higher adoption of its platform and to finally unlock the gaming sector, which is worth billions, for blockchain technology. Unlike the first-movers in the blockchain gaming arena, TRON’s gaming endeavor is being launched from a platform that already counts on an established community along with a robust technological infrastructure.

Blockchain’s technology, while revolutionary, has been unable to break free of the shackles its technical constraints placed on it TRON recently surpassed 1.3 million transactions per second, breaking Ethereum’s record. The company pledged $5 million to support gaming projects built directly on its platform, offering a real incentive to start working full-time on blockchain gaming innovation. Should TRON prove its model works as intended, it could very well present a more accessible on-ramp for greater mainstream blockchain adoption and eventually drive longer-term sustainability.

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