Insights on BitTube

Bit.Tube is a Decentralized video streaming platform. A cryptocurrency called TUBE is integrated into the platform that helps the creators gain the power. Video creators make the most of their content and the viewers get rewards for their time. The core of Bit.Tube is IPFS network which serves the purpose of Decentralization, Distributed Ledger Technology and Data Storage. All data stored in IPFS network gives control to users and not the data players. The Platform is Add free, Uncensored, Unaltered search and Decentralized server. The Creator will receive payment from any part of the world.
BIT.TUBE is a disruptive platform and a one-stop solution for:

• Pay per view.
• Unlimited video publishing
• Subscription model
• Available in Mobiles & Smart TV’s

The reward as on May 2018 is 454 TUBE per block. Every 2 minutes a new block is created where 30% (i.e 136 TUBES) will be distributed for the new distribution. 30% of the reward is distributed as 70% for the Content publisher, 20% to the viewer and rest for marketing and development.
We live in the new internet era of the blockchain. This media publishing platform will mature with the blockchain and change the way contents are created, published and monetized. We are just one click away from entering into Media Publishing enabled by theblockchain. Get paid to Publish as well as view videos on

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