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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, a famous scientist once said as a general principle that governs the entire physical realm and the digital realm as well. Keeping it aside for a while, Exosis defines the entire scope of the above mentioned principle, where the reaction is neither equal nor opposite and is decided by smart people like you. Exosis is a platform as you all know which is used to trade coins. The name of the coin is Exo and is certainly making its way to the top. Even in this slow paced world of cryptocurrencies, Exosis however made it big considering the amount of work they’ve put into this. It is at a stage of Initial Coin Offering [ICO] at present. Without any public endorsement or mutual support Exosis is on the verge of launching its own e-commerce which is a seemingly interesting move which gives us a small glimpse of the confidence that the firm has. Though it sounds impossible, they are also planning to launch a cryptocurrency wallet. They’ve currently launched a whopping 2 million coins with $5 for each coin. It is quite surprising to know that over 60% of the coins are sold.

Back then, Exosis was small with absolutely no support and no source of motivation. Alas, with feeble amount of support they gained, they somehow managed to reach this level. The one and only reason why cryptocurrency platforms fail is the lack of a better roadmap to outshine all the peers. Even if there is a roadmap, platforms fail to deliver the required results in time. But Exosis took a step forward with better roadmap and delivering the perfect required results before people even expected. That is a very small example of what they did to cover so many peers’ attention. Exosis knowing about the peers’ requirements, they did whatever they possibly could, to outshine every single platform that would pose as a disadvantage to them. They don’t have possibilities to shine but rather outshine. Due to the better roadmap and the knack of thinking differently and effectively made Exosis achieve its phenomenal success. Over 60% of the coins are sold without any support. Think about how it is going to grow out of the odd environment when there is a lot of support from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Or it could even merge with big cryptocurrencies like bitcoin for a breathtaking project. Who knows?

Visit   Exosis.org

Read :  Exosis Whitepaper

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    Exosis to emerge as a rising Star as one stop solution for the cryptocurrency ecosystem..

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