Crypto market plummets, Exosis Roars


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Even though the entire Cryptocurrency markets are in a downtrend, Exosis has made it big in the Crypto space. The ICO is on sale since 21st October and till now 60% of the ICO is subscribed. Out of a limited supply of 21 million EXO, 12 million of them have been sold already. This is a big triumphant to the entire team of Exosis.
Several ICO’s come up with a roadmap but they may fail to deliver. Exosis had a unique vision with the roadmap; they have five different platforms – Virtual Masternode, a Decentralized Exchange, E-commerce website, Wallet, OTC platform. Several Investors and users have signed up to this platform and so, 60% has been subscribed in 13 days of the ICO start.
According to the Roadmap, the developers had planned to launch the Virtual Masternode after the ICO ends on 20th November. The Developers are well ahead of delivery as they have launched their Virtual Masternodes on 2nd November, even before the date of original launch. This shows that the team is really promising and well ahead of other ICO’s.
Virtual Maternodes allows users to do mining without Hardware by just locking 100 coins for a certain period of time. Unlike other ICO’s which rely on the Etherum platform, the EXO coin has its own Mainnet. Thought there is limited supply, the coin doesn’t have Block Halving. The Coin has Bonuses, Referral programs and other exciting features.
The main reason for the success of the Coin is the Utility. The Coin is Designed to meet all the needs of the users, be it a trader, a miner, an investor- Exosis is the answer. The coin will be stable throughout its journey considering the Utility, Multi-Functionality and Demand in five platforms.
The Coin accepts major payments like BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, DOGE. The ICO has started on 21st October and is on sale till 19th November. The ICO sale price is 5$ an EXO. Considering the current subscription, the coins may be fully subscribed even before the end of ICO. The EXO coin has created a benchmark in the Cryptocurrency industry by offering the real utility a user needs, grab your Coins before they get fully sold out.

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Read : Exosis Whitepaper


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