Crypto Hedge Funds Keeps Growing

Crypto funds hold a 20 percent share of the total hedge fund launches in 2018, which is 1.69 percent higher than in 2017 and 471 percent more than in 2016.

A new report states “Two-thirds of all currently operational crypto funds have been launched in the last seven quarters”. Crypto hedge funds are a part of almost 622 crypto funds that includes funds based on private equity and venture capital with an asset value of $4 billion.

“Downfall of traditional hedge fund launches paved a way for crypto hedge funds, as cryptocurrency managed to cope with market fluctuations. The rate of new launches is unlikely to sustain in long run” says Joshua Gnaizda, the founder of Crypto Fund Research.

Many institutional investors like ‘Yale University’ has invested $3o billion in two cryptocurrency hedge funds, forming a strong base for crypto assets in hedge funds.


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