Belarus General Prosecutor Warns About Cryptocurrency’s Use in Tax Evasion

Speaking as Belarus hosted the International Prosecutors Association’s regional conference, Aleksandr Konyuk said the time had come for all attendants’ authorities to study cryptocurrency use.Belarus had become one of the first countries in the area to create formal legislation around bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, declaring them legal in 2017. The concept that cryptocurrency plays a major role in cybercrime continues to emerge from various governments, while critics play down the idea that it is becoming perpetrators’ go-to financing method.In neighboring Russia, meanwhile, with which Minsk has unique economic ties, authorities continue to waver over how to deal with cryptocurrency use.Most recently, the country’s central bank said it was against legalizing bitcoin and altcoins for use as a payment instrument. Another lawmaker delivered a verdict similar to Konyuk’s in comments last month.

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