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Cryptocurrency is the hubword in the world of late and the utmost performing asset in the coming years too. The Multi utility platform with five sites based on blockchainis developed by Exosis.Exosis has found an efficient way to create a cryptocurrency which includesa decentralized e-commerce site,OTC platform, e-Wallet, Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and a virtual masternode.

Exosis provides great utility, unlike other cryptocurrency platforms. The five businesses are completely decentralized, scalable, safe and secure. The decentralization makes the coin exciting by giving full power to the users and not a third party. The decentralized exchange is the cardinal part of this token. Exosis Launches with its own mainnet unlike other crypto which rely on ethereum.


The Exosis mainnet is developed based on the C++ language. The same language is used by Bitcoin blockchain. The users will have a hassle free experience in the language and coding part since it is similar to the Bitcoin Blockchain. Exosis is based on Time travel 10 algorithm. It is an ASIC resistant POW hashtag algorithm. This POW is both GPU and CPU mineable. It is a GPU friendly mining algorithm which is also mineable using CPU. This also increases the block time. The blocktime is 2.5 minutes and the size of blockchain is 10MB on comparison with bitcoin blockchain which has 10 minute block time and a blockchain size of 2MB. The Exosisblockchain is a clear winner and faster than the Bitcoin Blockchain. The platform relies on SHA3 hashtags which is advanced compared to the competitors based on POW based blockchain. The transaction speed is 48 times higher compared to Bitcoin. Exosis works on the POW based system. POW is good to equip new technology and has greater security. Exosis has provided the opportunity to create virtual masternodes where the users can run without hardware and just 100 coins.The rewards will be the same as running the core wallet, but the difference is that the duration of staking will be locked. Exosis will offer flexible durations of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Since the Coin is based on its own mainnet, the security systems are handled by exosis and can upgrade the Systems when necessary.


Several Investment groups and media have given massive support to this multifunctional cryptocurrency.  The main goal of ICO is to fund in the development of the blockchain and individual projects. Initially, 21 million coins will be used to start off. Some amounts of coins are pre mined and this is used to prepare the main ICO. There will be 10% usage each for referrals, bonuses and the rest will be used for social media, other listings and marketing activities. Rest 78 % coin is for sale. There are three bonus stages upon which the miners receive bonuses depending on the stage. The rest of ICO funds will be used for the following functions- 50% for market back up, 30% for promotion and advertising and 20% for development. The ICO listing price of exosis is 5$ for each coin. For every block added on the Blockchain Miners will get a reward of 5 coins. Every year 0.5 million coins yearly and 43,000 coins monthly will be generated.  Exosis does not work on halving where freshly minted coins are rewarded to the miner for every block added to blockchain and not halved.  The EXO coin will be available in exchange for BTC, DASH, BCH, ZEC, DOGE as payment methods. The soft cap will be at 1 million Exo and hard cap at 2 Million EXO.

This platform is set to kick off its ICO.This is a coin which is completely decentralized, has great utility, safe and secure and works on five different platforms. The coin is designed for all types of people in the market- Long term investors, Traders and Miners. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab the ICO which falls on 21st October 2018 all the way till 19th November 2018.

Visit   Exosis.org

Read Exosis Whitepaper


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