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 Exosis is an ecosystem blockchain platform which provides – a decentralized exchange and e-commerce site, an OTC platform, a Virtual Master node, and a multiplatform e-wallet. Exosis stands out because it performs five different crypto businesses in one run. It provides great utility and greater demand which helps in the appreciation of the coin. The developers created an Investment-oriented crypto, virtually risk-free, more functional and suitable for passive income opportunities in the longer run.

Unlike other altcoins which depend on the ethereum erc20 token Exosis relies on its own Mainnet. The core component of the ecosystem is the decentralized exchange. No third party is involved in holding the funds since it is anonymous and completely decentralized. Decentralized exchanges have a faster order processing speed of 10,000 transactions per second compared to conventional blockchain exchanges. With the decentralized chat, the user will be able to post anonymously and rate each other depending on the quality of the content.  The users can deposit, withdraw and convert the Crypto to Fiat and vice-versa automatically. The coin listing feature allows listing on new ICO where the software and compatibility of the software are checked. The trading API works both for the traders and merchants. The traders can integrate the trading bots and merchants can collect their payments through the platforms. The exosis platform has security at its top notch. X-XSS, X-Frame, CSRF, CSP, CORs HPKP, HSTS, and secure cookies will be used by the team to handle the transaction and funds securely.

The virtual master node is an opportunity to do mining at its finest. The users with the essential hardware can run the node and do the mining with ease. For a fulfilled experience of mining, the master nodes have to be synced to the blockchain and wallet.

The Real Benefits Of Exosis:

Imagine an e-commerce website that offers full security and a decentralized platform. Users need not verify with KYC. Additionally, users need not pay fees for selling, instead they need to pay the fees for blockchain services. The escrow system eliminates fraud by holding the money until delivery. The blockchain helps in protecting the identity, funds and maintains a ledger with secured transactions. The exchange users can hold their funds both in crypto and Fiat.   This coin is the answer for the long-term investors since:

  • It offers passive income by compatible mining
  • Both functional and has utility
  • Less volatile since it has higher demand
  • Low Risk


Understanding OTC:

The OTC platform refers to Over- the- Counter trades which can be done between two individuals.  The developers have executed smart contracts systems intelligently for transactions. The OTC service is a global solution and it enables several fiat and crypto trading pairs, unlike the USD BTC pair. Even here the escrow system is adapted to hold the money and verify once the transaction is approved. This decentralized platform serves as a boon to users since they can trade globally irrespective of the fiat and cryptocurrency.

What is E-Wallet?

The E-Wallet provides a cross-platform functionality. The developers have provided advanced cryptographic algorithms which stores the currencies safe and secure. To start with, the E-wallet will be accessible on Windows and Mac OS devices. The wallet will be available in the IOS and Android versions by November  2019. This will enable the users to store and gain access to the wallet through any medium.

Exosis has the technology to run Masternodes without hardware by depositing only 100 coins. With the mainnet of exodus, the coin is Independent, secure and completely decentralized in all aspects, so why wait, try Exosis as it is the right choise to earn the profits in the current scenario.

Visit   Exosis.org

Read Exosis Whitepaper


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