100% Completed: The BitTorrent ICO is a 15-Minute Sellout

Two simultaneous sales were run for Binance Coin and Tron. Neither market lasted longer than 15 minutes, according to Binance. More BTT was available for Tron than BNB.BitTorrent itself is the original torrent client, created by the BitTorrent protocol’s inventor. Bram Cohen has publicly made clear that he has no affiliation with the latest incarnation of BitTorrent. At the same time, Cohen has been working on his own cryptocurrency project called “Chia.”The official BitTorrent client reportedly has over 100 million users. These users will automatically be integrated into the Tron economy in upcoming updates, greatly expanding the reach of the #8 cryptocurrency. Everyone who wants to make use of their BTT will have to have at least a small amount of Tron in the same way that Ethereum token holders require Ether to make transactions.The greatly anticipated ICO event has arguably not had the desired effect on the Tron price. At the time of writing, it had seen a nearly 8% drop over the 24-hour period, with a low of an almost 11% drop. On a per-token basis, these changes are not great. However, on a macro scale, they are notable for those with large bags.

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